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My entrepreneurial career began in 2007 when I started Food Up Front, an award-winning urban food-growing network that engaged 450 households in south-west London. Since then I’ve played a part in kicking off more than ten community enterprises, including Capital Growth, one of the largest city-wide food networks in the world, and QuidsIn, a micro-savings scheme I’m developing right now in partnership with Super Being Labs and CAST.

Alongside pioneering projects of my own, I love to support others on their journey. So I’m currently a mentor and trainer for early-stage social entrepreneurs through both the Inspiring Enterprise programme and the School for Social Entrepreneurs. I’ve also done a lot of leadership development through my work as a Clore Social Leadership Fellow.

I also regularly speak on a wide range of topics related to sustainable and effective entrepreneurialism, most recently at the Northamptonshire Food Poverty Network, the University of Reading, and the Southampton Sustainable Development Conference.

Feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile if you want more details about my work on any of these projects.

Seb Mayfield Website LW v002-08.jpg
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Whether I’m working with people 1-1 or in small groups, my mentoring style is practical and positive. I’m relentlessly efficient, which means I’m good at helping people focus and define the steps they need to take to get to the next stage. Yet my friendly, personable approach helps me to quickly build good relationships, so I can tailor my support to fit each person’s working style and hone in on exactly what they need to feel inspired and motivated.

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There aren’t many challenges an entrepreneur can face that I haven’t come up against, and I’m happy to share the highs and lows of my years of experience – including being as honest about the failures as the successes! A relaxed and confident speaker, I can tackle topics from the practicalities of starting a social enterprise and staying resilient as an entrepreneur to engaging communities in sustainable projects and launching successful national initiatives.


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